New: Work-related modules online

New: Work-related modules online in French – English - German - Spanish

New: Work-related modules online

In French – English – German – Spanish


New: Work-related modules online

In French – English – German – Spanish

5 hours of individual tuition via Microsoft Teams
Price: 285,00 € per module (17% VAT, registration fee and material included)

  • Writing emails
  • Making phone calls
  • Structuring and preparing a presentation
  • Customer care
  • Reading documents and reports
  • Writing reports
  • “Small talk” – Building good work relationships

Writing emails (5 hours)

How to write a professional email

  • Dealing with cultural differences in email etiquette
  • Using most useful emailing phrases ( greetings, subject lines, closing lines, scheduling appointments)
  • Polite forms (expressing apologies and wishes)
  • Responding appropriately

Phone calls (5 hours)

How to express yourself on the phone

  • Answering / forwarding a call
  • Introducing yourself and your company
  • Asking for information
  • Taking or leaving a message
  • Useful vocabulary and expressions
  • Improving listening comprehension
  • Asking questions to ckeck understanding
  • Ending a phone call

Structuring and preparing a presentation (5 hours)

How to give a structured presentation

  • Structure of a presentation
  • Grammar structures and common expressions
  • Improving fluency
  • Comparing statistics and results
  • Presenting/defending points of view and opinions
  • Working on your own presentations and learning how to answer the questions related to your presentation

Customer service (5 hours)

How to meet customer needs

  • Dealing with a request by phone, email or online.
  • Maintaining customer contacts: Using polite forms and appropriate vocabulary (words, expressions…).
  • Dealing with complaints and customer returns
  • Transferring a customer to another department or another employee

Reading documents and reports (5 hours)

How to improve your reading comprehension

  • Reading authentic documents
  • Expanding your business vocabulary
  • Connecting words and abbreviations
  • Expertise practice with documents from your professional field / area of responsibility

Writing reports (5 hours)

How to write clear and accurate reports

  • Expanding your business vocabulary
  • Grammar in context
  • Personalised training related to your area of expertise
  • Using the most common abbreviations
  • Summarising and transcribing the most important information in a clear and concise manner

“Small talk”- Building good work relationships (5 hours)

How to establish and maintain contacts with colleagues, customers and providers

  • Ensure communication
  • Asking personal questions ( family, hobbies, private life…)
  • Talking about your own life and experiences
  • Talking about daily topics (weather, traffic…)
  • Talking about the news
  • Expressing your point of view and opinion
  • Taboo topics